Uses of PB bottles

PB (propane, propane-butane) in the bottle is a unique source of mobile energy.

A liquefied propane or a PB mixture has a lot of traditional uses. It´s quickly available, ecologic and effective and economic source for all energetic uses.


PB in the bottle can be used for cooking at home or at restaurants, because of a constant gas purity is also used as an energy source of mobile fast food kiosks, mobile barbecue and catering companies. PB in the bottle can also be used as an energy source of patio heaters for outside parts of restaurants and a of outside lighting.


Home cooking, camping cooking, barbecue and also a local heating of cottages. The PB in the bottle is very popular in these.

Industry, agriculture, building

Local heating, drying of buildings, glass industry, metal industry, insulation of buildings, mobile asphalt machines – the PB in bottles (mainly the propane gas) is also popular in these. If the performance of one bottle isn´t enough, it is possible to merge more of them. The biggest performance (0,6 kg/h -3 kg/h) offers a bottle of 33 kg of propane.

Safe solutions …

Pressure bottles used for storage of PB are made from steel, alloy of aluminium or composite materials. Every bottle is regularly controlled during filling and then in stated interval, pressure tested and revised.