Propulsion of fork trucks

LPG in bottles as a propulsion of fork trucks

LPG-propelled fork trucks, unlike diesel or electric propelled fork trucks, have a lot of advantages:

  • ability to work inside and also outside on a rugged surface
  • just a short break for a bottle changing
  • an exhaust system doesn´t need to have a filter of matter particles – exhaust gases does not contain any soot so they do not damage transported commodities
  • operating in environmentally protected locations and sanitary clear food producing
  • they don´t need expensive charge points
  • no expenses of recycle accumulators

The main parameters of pressure LPG bottles are an interior purity of a cover, it´s safety and reliability. These parameters are carried out by the TOMEGAS – a special cover.

These are completely new relieved steel pressure bottles of 11kg of propane in full respect of the law.

Bottles are made according to norm EN1442 and carry all the parameters out of a quality of care for cover interior treatment in accordance with LPG fuel.

New steel pressure bottles used for the propane storage by the TOMEGAS s.r.o. Company are bought continuously. A weight of an empty bottle is about 10,5 kg.

The steel pressure bottle is a practically tested and durable type of cover.

Our company also has composite bottles of 10 kg of propane or aluminous bottles of 11 kg of propane.